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Urgent care centers, sometimes called walk-in clinics, are a convenient healthcare resource for people nationwide. At Ascent Urgent Care, we do not require appointments or referrals. If you cannot wait until your primary care physician has time for an appointment, our clinics are here to provide the immediate medical care you need at a fraction of the cost you will encounter at the emergency room.

We strive to make the healthcare experience as convenient and accessible as possible, which is why our clinics are open during the evening hours and on weekends.

Urgent Care vs Emergency Care vs Routine Care?

The most important point about Urgent Care is that the schedule of Urgent Care revolves around your time schedule and not the doctors schedule. You do not need an appointment and at the same time, the cost of your visit is comparable to a routine doctor visit at your primary care provider. Most urgent care offer similar services as a regular primary medical provider plus diagnostic x-rays, initial care for fractures, stitches, physicals, and employment evaluations. When you or a member of your family needs medical attention ASAP, we are here to help.

You can usually find the following services at an urgent care center:

  • Primary care services
  • Flu shots
  • X-ray services
  • Lab testing
  • Drug testing
  • Treatment for minor injuries
  • Physicals, including physicals for sports, school, travel, and DOT testing
  • Vaccinations

Emergency centers are much more expensive than urgent care services because emergency room resources are sparse and intended to only be used for serious, life-threatening issues. For example, if you have a bad cold and your doctor is unavailable, the emergency room may accept you, but they will charge more for the time and resources they had to expend on your behalf. Urgent care, however, is designed for situations just like this one and can provide more efficient, cost-effective care.

Why choose Ascent Urgent Care?

Our mission is in line with our name. Ascent means to rise or elevate. We believe in elevating the standard of medical care. We value, compassion, integrity and professionalism. Our providers have to abide by our values. Our mission to provide care with compassion. We like to bring the word "care" in action and truly provide best possible medical care available.


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